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10 African Centers of Excellence break new grounds

The 10 African Centers of Excellence in Nigeria are breaking new grounds and are supporting universities in improving the quality of education.

The World Bank Education Director, Dr Jaime Saavedra Chanduvi, said this in Abuja during his visit to the Pan African Material Institute, P.A.M.I, at the African University of Science and Technology, AUST, Abuja.

The World Bank in collaboration with West and Central African countries launched the Africa Centers of Excellence Project in 2014 to promote regional specialization among participating universities in areas that address specific common regional development challenges.

Mr Chanduvi also said that the Centers of Excellence have given opportunities to African youths to contribute to the development of science and technology.

He challenged them to bridge the gap between universities and industries so as to address the issue of adequate funding.

Dr Saavedra said students of centers of excellence have huge responsibilities as the future of Africa relies on job creation for Africans.

He urged the Pan African Material Institute to provide more opportunities to the youth to develop their talents.

It’s a better opportunity we have to foster better research and better quality of result based projects in different departments of universities throughout Africa. We have 10 ACE centers in Nigeria; they are providing very high quality education on science and technology to young people in Nigeria and also people from other African countries.

On one side, students are having great opportunity to have knowledge on science and technology, at the same time they have huge responsibilities because on their shoulders, lies the future of Africa because with the research they are doing and the results they will be getting in the productive sector, they are not only building careers for themselves and they will be creating job opportunities for other Africans in the nearest future.

In that regard, this is an important investment that will need critical continuous process of development of knowledge and jobs here in Africa.

Sandra Musujusu, M.Sc Student of the African University of Science and technology, A Sierra Leoneon, expressed hope in Africa and said the award by the Institute has empowered her to be focused on her studies and that the scholarships given by the Material Institute will move Africa forward.

Musujusu said her research will focus on the development of bio-degradable polymers and the treatment of tripple negative breast cancer.

Source: Voice of Nigeria