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129 Nigerian firms bid for Mambilla hydro-power contracts

One hundred and twenty-nine different categories of Nigerian businesses have expressed interest in contracts for the construction of the Mambilla Hydro-Power project in Adamawa State.

Minister of Power, Works and Housing, Babatunde Fashola said the firms included; Insurance brokers, insurance underwriters and bankers, transport and haulage, security manpower, security gadgets and surveillance. Others were safety and fire fighting, estate valuers, media and publicity practitioners , sub contractors for engineering services, sub contractors in technical audit and geo-technical services.

Fashola stated this while briefing State House correspondents on Wednesday’s meeting of the Federal Executive Council in Abuja.

Economic development

The minister said though the Mambila Hydro-Power project would provide power to the country, it is a project that has great promise for the economic development of Nigeria.

Yes, Mambilla is a hydropower project, but it is also a critical economic intervention for growth of the economy, for employment and for competitiveness of the national economy.

So, when you see Mambilla, see jobs; you see a five-year construction period where almost six million dollars is going to be spent in NigeriaIt might interest you to note that from the bare quantities we have, Mambilla will consume 18 million bags of cement.

So, if one truck carries a maximum of 800 bags, 22,500 trucks would be needed. Look at the drivers, look at the consumer of diesel, for tyres, he said.

Fashola stated that; We needed 18 million tons of agregrates, that’s stones, sand and all of that. Apart from the mining jobs to produce that, you need to transport.

Averagely, 20 tons of aggregates go in one truck. So, you are looking at 900,000 trucks during construction periodThis does not include 42, 000 tons of steel that would be required to build this. And just from supply alone or from manufacturing, without even looking at mixing and preparing concrete, you can see the economic impact and the life changing impact and the life change consequence of Mambilla.

Preparatory contracts

The minister explained that the cabinet meeting approved a N812.552 million contract for the first contracts preparatory to main construction project of the Mambilla power project.

He said the contracts were to engage nine land surveying companies who would demarcate the specific areas of land to be affected by the actual construction.

The demarcation will then lead us to enumeration, preparation to compensation and preparatory to site resettlement and then preparatory to mobilisation, Fashola stated.

A procurement memorandum for the Sharada/Dobe/Dogara Road in Kano at the cost N2.607billion with a timeline of 24 months was also approved at the meeting.

The cabinet approved the 78.5km New Bussa/Kaima Road, linking Niger and Kwara States at the cost of N23.8 billion and a timeline of 42 months.

The third procurement that was approved, was for additional work to complete the 330kv Mando sub-station and three double circuit transmission line at the revised cost of Euro 923, 572 for the foreign component and N238.7 million for the local component.

Policy memo

Fashola said that the council also approved a policy memorandum for a national public building maintenance and framework.

The framework would release the maintenance economy for Nigeria.

The minister stressed that frameworks for the maintenance economy of bridges, roads and power would be developed.

President Muhammadu Buhari presided over the meeting.

Source: Voice of Nigeria