2017 budget to afford Nigerians more democratic dividends

The Nigerian Senate says the 2017 budget recently passed by the National Assembly is a fantastic one that will help every part of the country to enjoy the dividends of democracy.

Senate Leader, Mr Ahmed Lawal said the legislature did not interfere much with the budget proposal.

There has not been much changes because in some few cases we felt we needed to do a little tinkering but to ensure that we did not disfigure the budget presented to us, we agreed mostly with what the executive presented he said.

Hard Work

The lawmaker stated that the National Assembly worked so hard to ensure that every part of the country gets its due in terms of democratic dividends.

I want to assure you that this is one budget that the National Assembly has worked very hard on, to ensure that every part of Nigeria gets something, just as proposed by the executive and we have even gone further to ensure that the difference between the $42.5 per barrel oil price benchmark and the $44.5 that the National Assembly approved in the budget has been utilised. For example, we have been able to capture the 2nd Abuja airport runway which we all know we need in this country because we have suffered from having only one, the Lawmaker said.

Legislative Institute

Senator Lawal also explained how the Senate intends to utilise the ten billion naira addition it made to the budget.

As for the N 10 billion, you know we have so many projects as well in the National Assembly; we are building the National Institute for legislative Studies, which is one institute that the National Assembly uses for capacity building. We included from the two dollar bench mark difference and I don’t think that is too big, Senator Lawal said.

He emphasized that Nigeria needs to get a National Assembly that is really poised, wired and competent in order to produce good laws, thus the need for the National Legislative Institute to come on board.

Source: Voice of Nigeria