Akinwumi Adesina, The Inside Story

By his bow tie, you know him. And that distinguishing feature was firmly in place when Dr Akinwumi Adesina, President of the African Development Bank (AfDB), breezed into the Presidential Villa at Abuja on June 3, 2020. One of the hallmarks of seasoned, methodical people is patience, refusal to be rushed or stampeded. Since the […]


Lawyering in Crisis: African countries among innovation leaders in the fight against COVID-19 pandemic

African innovators have shown creativity and ingenuity in finding solutions to fight the COVID-19 pandemic, but face legal barriers to safeguarding their intellectual property. There have been 192 innovations directed at COVID-19 from Nigeria alone, as well as more than 90 from South Africa, it was revealed during a webinar hosted by Harvard Law School’s […]


Fact Sheet: Pulka, Gwoza Local Government Area – Borno State, North-east Nigeria (Last updated May 2020)

Overview Gwoza Local Government Area (LGA) has been at the centre of the crisis in northeast Nigeria, with Pulka town experiencing intense fighting and insecurity. Pulka has seen the killing of hundreds of civilians, abduction of women and girls, destruction of towns, and large scale displacement of populations. Livelihoods have been devastated and assets looted. […]


Fact Sheet: Bama town, Bama Local Government Area – Borno State, North-east Nigeria (Updated May 2020)

Overview Bama Local Government Area (LGA) is situated on the border with Cameroon. It was once a thriving commercial hub. Bama town, the second largest town in Borno State, was repeatedly attacked between May 2013 and September 2014 and finally seized by non-state armed groups (NSAGs), who turned it into their headquarters. Nigerian armed forces […]


IOM Nigeria Flash Report: Population Displacement – North West/North Central Nigeria (4 June 2020)

OVERVIEW The crisis in North Central and North West, which involves long-standing tensions between ethnic and linguistic groups; attacks by criminal groups; and banditry/hirabah (such as kidnapping and grand larceny along major highways) frequently leads to the displacement of local populations. Recent attacks affected 677 individuals, including 4 injuries and 11 fatalities, in Batsari and […]


Nigeria: Sector Monitoring Dashboard DMS/CCCM – Camp Coordination and Camp Management (DMS): April 2020

The dashboard highlights the response provided by DMS/CCCM Sector partners in April 2020. Both onsite and mobile site facilitation was provided in 157 sites hosting 792,479 individuals all in Borno and Adamawa States. Biometric registration of eligible individuals continued with 845 individuals being registered in April. Reception centers for the management of new arrivals in […]


Nigeria: Sector Monitoring Dashboard: Shelter-NFI overall humanitarian response, January – April 2020

Shelter needs of around 72,615 individuals were addressed over the months with activities including emergency shelters, transitional shelters, and shelter rehabilitation. Of those, 14,650 individuals were assisted with emergency shelter (Bama), 12,375 individuals with rehabilitation of damaged structure, 225 individuals with transitional shelters, and 45,365 with emergency shelter kits (ESK) across BAY states’ Source: UN […]