Access Incident Tracking, Nigeria, July 2019

The Access Incident Tracking Matrix is a consolidation of access incidents affecting the movement of humanitarian cargo in northeast Nigeria. The Matrix has been designed and maintained by the Logistics Sector given its direct civil-military coordination and access function, including the facilitation of movement notifications of cargo and associated escorts on behalf of the humanitarian community. Additionally, the Sector’s effective working relations and liaison with the Nigerian Armed Forces (NAF) has enabled the Sector to provide immediate advice and support to its partners, particularly when faced with access challenges in the field.

What is an access incident in relation to humanitarian cargo movement?

An access incident is any delay or denial of humanitarian cargo to its final destination. This is including but not limited to:

Delay and/or rejection of Humanitarian Cargo Notification Forms (HCNF)

Extended delay at checkpoints or while in-transit (i.e. availability of escorts)

Security incidents that directly impede the movement of cargo

Traffic accidents caused by road conditions and/or human error

Source: World Food Programme