Adaklu-Kodzobi: Community Celebrates 40th Anniversary of Bliza Festival

Adaklu-Kodzobi, November 21: The Adaklu-Kodzobi community in the Volta Region marked the 40th anniversary of their Bliza (Corn Festival) over the weekend. The theme for this year’s festival was ‘Forty Years Journey: Building the capacity of the youth through quality education for development,’ attracting hundreds of natives for a homecoming celebration.

According to Ghana News Agency, Chief of Adaklu-Kodzobi, the festival served as a platform to galvanize support for the socio-economic development of the farming community. He emphasized the role of chiefs in driving community development and welfare and expressed his commitment to these goals. Togbe Dzegblade called for local support to foster growth and advised the youth to actively contribute to development rather than solely relying on government projects.

He also advocated for collaboration among chiefs in the Volta Region to create employment opportunities for the youth. Madam Juliana Kpedekpo, Adaklu District Chief Executive, emphasized the collaborative nature of development and commended the community’s self-help initiatives. She highlighted the strategic impact of education on people’s lives and encouraged the youth to prioritize their education. Kpedekpo mentioned several government initiatives and programs aimed at youth development since 2017, urging young people to capitalize on these opportunities.

The festival, which began in 1983 as a small event to thank God for a bumper corn harvest, has grown into one of the largest in the Adaklu district, drawing participants from neighboring communities. The event also included a fundraising effort for the completion of the community’s information center project, raising over 40,000 Ghana Cedis.