Adaklu Kodzobi Electoral Aspirant Pledges to Bridge Gap with Assembly

Adaklu Vodze – Mr. Kwame Obed Dotse, an aspiring Assemblyman for the Adaklu Kodzobi Electoral Area, has vowed to bridge the existing gap between the Assembly and the local community. This pledge was made during an interview with the Ghana News Agency over the weekend in Adaklu Vodze, located in the Adaklu district.

According to Ghana News Agency, a marketer by profession, the incumbent Assemblyman, despite performing commendably at the Assembly level, has been distant from the people, leading to a disconnect. He criticized the current Assemblyman for poor engagement with the Electoral Area.

Mr. Kwame outlined his intentions to collaborate closely with local chiefs and stakeholders to unify the five communities within the Electoral Area. He plans to implement regular town hall meetings, facilitating open discussions on Assembly meeting outcomes and addressing community challenges at these gatherings. Additionally, he emphasized fostering youth involvement in decision-making processes both in the Electoral Area and across the district.

In contrast, Mr. Sampson Gakpo, the incumbent Assemblyman for Kodzobi Electoral Area and a candidate in the upcoming elections, urged fellow contestants to refrain from negative campaigning. When reached by the GNA, Mr. Gakpo highlighted several development projects initiated under his tenure, including educational infrastructure improvements, a bridge over River Kalakpa, and a health facility in Adaklu. He underscored his commitment to training Unit Committee members on Assembly discussions and appealed to voters for continued support to advance his development agenda for the area.