Key Issues


Dr (Mrs) Idiat Oluranti Adebule, Deputy Governor of Lagos State, Nigeria, says only half of 128 million pupils in Sub-Sahara Africa are likely to acquire basic skills.

Dr Adebule, who is also Minister, in-Charge of Education, Nigeria, said Africa’s learning barometer indicated that learning gaps exist in most Sub-Sahara African countries and called for change.

The Deputy Governor, made this known in a speech delivered on her behalf by the Vice Chancellor of Lagos State University, Professor Olaurewaju Adigun Fagbonhun at the International Multi-Disciplinary Conference for post- Graduate Students Association at the University of Education in Winneba.

The conference was on the theme: “Connecting, practice, Research and Teaching as Generational thinkers”.

Participants were drawn from Ghana, Nigeria, US, UK, Australia, Cote d’Ivoire and Sierra Leone.

Dr Adebule said Africa’s progress over the last half of the century has not been remarkable and needs pragmatic change.

She said that underscores the numerous educational challenges facing Africa.

She said Africa is very much at the rung of the development ladder.

“The continent has consistently failed to win laurels for high impact education on achievement in international benchmarking exercise,” Dr Adebule said.

Dr Adebule, said Africa’s education system of practice, research and teaching is confronting teething problems that could threaten the continents’ long -term development goals and competitive.

The Deputy Governor stated that it would be disastrous to underestimate the long-term consequences, because what would happen could exacerbate the learning gaps to continuously perpetuate poverty, disease and hunger in the region.

She called for collaboration between the universities and polytechnics to work as a team to initiate researches, teachings and practices that would address teething problems currently facing post-graduates.

Samuel Ofori Danquah, President of Graduate Students Association of Ghana of the University of Education, Winneba said the conference is a unique opportunity for members to come out with comprehensive plans that would help solve unemployed graduates’ issues.

Professor Mawutor Avoke, Vice Chancellor of the University of Education, who chaired the function charged members of the Association to ensure that body receives the needed assistance.