African Cocoa Trading Centre opens in central China

African Cocoa trading centre opened on Wednesday in central China. It was established in Changsha, provincial capital of Hunan, it will start by selling cocoa mainly from Ghana before bringing in products from more African countries.

The centre has been hailed as the first for African cocoa in China, a rising market for the continent’s products from coffee to tea.

Edward Boateng, Ghana’s ambassador to China, said “I am confident that every tasty chocolate enjoyed in China has some quantity of Ghana’s premium cocoa as part of its ingredients.”

“He added that the West African country is working with the Asian nation to further increase supply.

Xu Xiangping, the Head of Hunan Commerce Department, said the province aims to build a major trading and processing centre for Africa’s farming products including cashew nuts, coffee, cotton and rubber.

The cocoa centre is among the first “sub-centres” to be established, Xu said.

Officials and traders say Hunan is at the centre of China’s sprawling transportation network and close to booming consumer markets across the country, which will facilitate the entry of African commodities.

Changsha on Tuesday hosted a conference to promote trade cooperation between China’s Hunan and Ghana, Tanzania and Ethiopia, and witnessed the inking of several agreements on cocoa import and industrial cooperation.

Source: Voice of Nigeria