AMAC moves to reclaim other sources of revenue

The Abuja Municipal Area Council, AMAC, in the Nigerian Federal Capital Territory Administration, FCTA, has vowed to reclaim all revenue sources belonging to the council that were lost to other organs of government to enable it perform optimally.

The Chairman of the Council, Alhaji Abdullahi Adamu Candido disclosed this while briefing Journalists on the council revenue short fall in Abuja Nigeria’s capital.

To achieve the objective, the Chairman has directed the council’s legal unit to step up their game and come out with measures that would enable the council to reclaim all the revenue sources that are constitutionally belong to them.

He also instructed markets under finance of the council to liaise with the legal unit of the secretarial to reclaim the Wuse market back to AMAC to enable them generate revenue and discharge their constitutional role to the people as their elected representatives.

Candido who noted that the council has managed the market for twenty one years, added that it is their right to manage the market because its own by the council.

“I can’t entertain that any longer. I swore to defend the constitution and I swore to discharge my responsibility as surely elected official, this is the only way we can in defence of the constitution which is stated there. 

I also want the legal department with the finance department to put their head together and look at our books how we closer to owning Wuse market. From history it is very clear that this Area Council has managed Wuse market for twenty one good years, how comes that we are losing it. 

The Chairman who has two years left to complete his second tenure in office revealed that he will not wish to hand over to his successor the realm of governance without reclaiming most of the lost revenue sources that brought the council into bad shade today.

He promised to defend what belongs to the council even if it will cause him his position as an elected chairman of the people that elected him.

” I have the mandate of the people of Abuja Municipal Area Council to manage their trust, manage their affairs for three additional years after finishing the first three years”, he explained.

According to him, “I am a respecter of authorities and value synergies with all organ of government but it must not be at the expense of the good people of the Area Council.

” We have suffered enough a lot in silence, and if we keep quiet, the people of this Area Council will continue to suffer … the silent underground intimidation from all quarters that are likely superior to us wanting to discharge responsibility that constitutionally they do not have, has brought us to our knees“, Candido added.

Candido emphasised that this has frustrated the administration and painted the elected representatives in a bad light by the people who do not understand the working relationship that is supposed to exist between the council and other arms of government.

The Chairman stressed that the fallout of the short fall of revenue in the council is the lack in the payment of ordinary salary of workers by the council.

While apologizing to the council staff for the delay in paying them their May salary, he assured them that before Friday their salary will be paid.

Source: Voice of Nigeria