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Anambra demands for a refund of N43bn

Anambra State government is demanding for a refund of over 43billion Naira spent on rehabilitating some federal roads.

The State Commissioner of Information in Anambra, Mr Don Adinuba said for almost 6 years there was nothing done between Onitsha and Enugu, and a substantial part of the road was overgrown not only with weeds but with trees.

Some parts of the highways were so severe that people had to abandon the highways. The saving grace is that the Anambra and Enugu state governments rehabilitated the old roads. Let me use this opportunity to let you know that Anambra state government spent over 43billion naira on the rehabilitation of the federal roads in Anambra state alone. Recently, the federal government said that the state governments should be refunded only 37 billion naira not 43. We said okay! We don’t want to waste time! Let them give us something, at least with that we can still work on failed federal areas.

Abandoned roads

Mr Adinuba categorized some roads as failed because they were no longer passable and passing through it makes life difficult

Sometimes we have pot holes and sometimes worse than pot holes; they have actually become death traps. Vehicles like articulated trucks and lorries fall into ditches, killing people, destroying goods that were carried. So we need a refund of the whole money or a substantial part to be able to do more. So there are lot of works ongoing on federal roads even the one that passes through my hometown of Ihiala. But about two months ago, they abandoned the job due to lack of funds. I have spoken to the minister and he assured me that once the 2019 budget is passed there will be money to fix it. So the political will to fix the road is there but what is not there yet is funds.


Mr Adinuba commended the Minister of Power, Works and Housing, Mr Babatunde Fashola and his team for working tirelessly on the improved federal roads particularly Lagos to Onitsha and then from Lagos to Benin. He also described the Minister as a hardworking technocrat, who aims to deliver on his promises.

I know the minister of Power, Works and Housing at a personal level. He is not even a politician but a technocrat. He is very sincere and honest, hardworking, visionary, humane and a fair-minded person. I am very proud by the way of having a personal relationship with him. He is equal to the task. My honest opinion is that he is knowledgeable, devoted but he is cumbered with too much work he said.

Source: Voice of Nigeria