Assembly Member in Akrofuom District Touts Achievements Ahead of Re-election Bid

Akrofuom, Ashanti Region – Mr. Douglas Fosu Mensah, the Assembly Member for the Nana Okai Electoral area in Akrofuom District, is confident in his re-election prospects, citing his successful track record in local development. In an interview with the Ghana News Agency, the 41-year-old mathematics tutor highlighted several significant projects he facilitated in his Electoral Area, believing these achievements bolster his chances for another term.

According to Ghana News Agency, his efforts have led to notable improvements in local infrastructure and services. He facilitated the construction of a water closet toilet facility at Okyerekrom, a first in the district outside of Akrofuom, the district capital. This initiative sparked further development, resulting in four additional water closet toilet facilities and three mechanised boreholes in Nyamesomede, Pompom, and nearby villages.

Another key achievement he mentioned was lobbying the Assembly to repair the Jimi Bridge connecting Okyerekrom to Akrofuom, which had become a hazard due to prolonged neglect. His initiatives also extended to educational support, with the provision of school furniture to Okyerekrom D/A and Akrofuom D/A basic schools.

Mr. Mensah emphasized the importance of community involvement in development projects. He cited the construction of a JHS block at Okyerekrom, initially a community-led project, which later received support from the Assembly and a local mining company. He believes that community initiatives can significantly attract further aid from the District Assembly or NGOs.

Moreover, Mr. Mensah shared insights on the vital role of lobbying skills for Assembly Members. He encouraged his colleagues to develop these skills to bring more development projects to their areas. His lobbying efforts have also led to the improvement of the Pompom and Sibriso link road, making it motorable and thus enhancing the transportation of farm produce.

In addition to infrastructure projects, Mr. Mensah has also focused on fixing drainage systems in the area, including the sikaduase and palace drainage systems. These improvements, he contends, demonstrate his capability to attract and manage development projects effectively in his Electoral Area.