Athlete’s 2005 sample test positive to dope

Russia’s Olga Kuzenkova, the retired 2004 Olympic hammer champion, is under investigation for doping after a retest on her urine sample from the 2005 World Championships came up positive.

She also won gold at the Helsinki world championships and, if she loses her medal, silver medalist Cuba’s Yipsi Moreno stands to be upgraded.

The news means that the 12 Russian women throwers from the 2004 Olympics have amassed eight doping violations between them. The others who have been found guilty or are under investigation are: Svetlana Krivelyova (under investigation), Irina Korzhanenko (two offences), Natalya Sidova (two offences), Tatyana Lysenko and Oksana Yarygina.

Meanwhile, Russian race walkers Tatyana Mineyeva and Sergei Morozov have also been in the news. Mineyeva was recently banned for two years after failing a drugs test, while Morozov received a lifetime ban for a second doping offence.

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