Aviation Minister seeks support for President Buhari

Ahead of the 2019 general election, Nigeria’s Minister of Aviation, Hadi Sirika says President Muhammadu Buhari remains the best option for the country.

Speaking to State House Correspondents, the Minister said the President has done a lot for the country in his first term of office and giving him another chance will afford him the opportunity to consolidate and deliver more democratic dividends for the country.

The President recently launched his campaign slogan and document tagged ‘Next Level’ which shows that something good has been done and he wants to improve on that.

We all know that President came into office, his focus has been on three main issues, security, economic development and the fight against corruption and has succeeded in all these.

For instance if you look at the fight against corruption, even those who are not in support of this administration, know that the right thing has been done in that regard. Because whoever goes against the law has not been spared; legislators have not been spared, likewise Ministers, Judges and even Governors involved in corrupt practices have all been dealt with and looted funds are been repatriated back home although not all has been recovered and this is a new development in the history of Nigeria, he said.

The Minister further stated that, If you take a look at matters of security, like the fight against insurgency, you will see that a lot has been done in that regard, thus fulfilling his promise to the nation. There was a time when some Local Government Areas in Borno State were under the control of the Boko Haram insurgents and they hoisted their flags in those areas. Those areas have since been recovered and restored back to Nigeria, with people going about their daily activities; people go to their places of worship and market without any form of molestation. Even the herders are rearing their cattle in those areas. Although security challenges like kidnapping and robbery or cattle rustling are still going on in some parts of the country. But no country in the world has perfect security but the situation can always be improved upon. But if President Buhari continues in office, we will see a great improvement.


The Minister said President Buhari has also worked hard to revamp education, which the terrorists are fighting against.

He said even the Holy books support of education and the President Buhari’s administration will continue to provide same for its citizens.

Sirika also said President Buhari had since given Nigeria another laudable option in agriculture, instead of depending on oil alone.

He said the economic diversification programme of government has reflected the economy, by yielding revenue through the sales and export of agriculture products like rice, yam, sorghum, millet amongst others.

The President noted that depending solely on oil was not helping the country because oil will one day finish and the price can also nose dive. Before now, we used to import rice spending a lot of money in that regard so he introduced a programme that boosted the activities of farmers especially rice farmers and the result of that is what we are enjoying today. More than 75 percent of the rice we now eat is grown here and the value chain is there for everyone to see because all those involved in cultivating and processing rice and other farm products are busy smiling to the banks. Even our GDP has grown under the present regime because of the various empowerment programmes of government.

The government has also introduced the Treasury Single Account, TSA where all money generated by the various agencies of government is sent into. This has help promote transparency in the handling of government funds, thus, eliminating corruption, he said.

Global image

Hadi Sirika said the country’s image has also soared under the leadership of President Buhari because of his integrity and acceptability in the face of the world.

On recent defections among politicians especially lawmakers, the Minister said it will not affect the chances of President Buhari in 2019.

He concluded by saying that Nigeria needs a sincere and patriotic leader like President Buhari.

He, therefore, called on citizens to vote en mass for the President.

President Buhari is someone who has been talking about free and fair elections in 2019 and he will keep to his words. The President is not desperate for power. He has always urged his supporters to remain calm and he will ensure a level playing ground for all politicians in the forthcoming election. More so, the use of technology has made our elections to be transparent and nobody would have the chance to manipulate the gadgets in use or even rig the election, Sirika added.

Source: Voice of Nigeria