Blood: Nigeria needs 2m pints yearly for emergencies- Red Cross

The Commandant of the Nigeria Red Cross Society (NRCS), Yaba College of Technology (YABATECH) detachment, TalodabioluwaAlonge says that the health sector needs two million pints of blood yearly in anticipation for emergencies.

However, according to him, only about 500,000 pints have been raised.

Alonge disclosed this to the Press in Lagos, during a health and blood drive at YABATECH.

The theme of the event was: True Humanity to Peace.

The event included blood donations and a free breast screening for female staff and students.

Alonge said that the Nigerian health sector records a lot of emergencies whereby patients require blood daily and sometimes, they have to spend so much in search of blood.

The statistics show that in the Nigerian health sector, we need two million pints of blood but we’re able to raise only 500,000 pints.

This mainly comes from family donors when their loved ones need blood.

But we see many accidents and other situations where people need blood daily and sometimes find it difficult getting it, he said.

The commandant said that the vision of NRCS, Lagos State, is to ensure that blood is available in their bank.

In January, our detachment raised 120 pints and this time we were able to raise 90 pints, making it a total of 210 pints, he said.

Alonge said the reason for the decrease was because only full-time students were in school presently, compared to January when the part-time students were there.

He urged people to participate more in humanitarian activities like blood donations to help save lives.

Source: Voice of Nigeria