Borno State set to revive moribund industries

In a bid to revamp the internal generated revenue the Borno State Governor, Babagana Zulum is set to resuscitates moribund state-owned enterprises in order to boost the state’s gross domestic product (GDP).

These includes Maiduguri  International Hotel, the State Hotel, Borno State Fertilizer Company Ltd., NIETAL Shoes and Ternary Factory, Borno Steel and Wire Industry and Borno Supply Company.

He directed the complete overhaul of the State Hotel. While at Maiduguri International Hotel, which presently houses Operation Lafiya Dole and Super Camp One, the Governor assessed the damage parts of the hotel, burnt as a result of a fire incident in 2011.

At the state hotel, Zulum directed the complete rehabilitation and face lift of the hotel, while repairs for others are to also begin after technical evaluation.

At Maiduguri International Hotels, which currently houses the headquarters of super camp one, operation lafiya dole, Governor Zulum assessed the section of the hotel burnt by a fire outbreak in 2011.

At the State-owned Fertilizer Company, located along Ngala Road in Jere Local Government Area, the Governor directed the Ministry of Agriculture, the supervising Ministry, to submit a detailed proposal of all the requirements, needed to bring the company back to life. However, he explained that due to the security challenges, presently facing the state, the company can only produce blended fertilizer, as approved by the Federal Government.

“I think the major problem of this fertilzer blending plant is negligence. These places could have been roofed. These are the areas we have problem in most of our industries. I think we cannot just invest. First and foremost, we have to do a feasibility study to determine its viability and profitability. We are aware of the sanction on the use of fertilizer in the Northeast, especially urea fertilizer. However, recently the President has approved the usage of blended fertilizer. We will use this window to start operation here.” Zulum said.

Governor Zulum also visited NIETAL Shoe and Ternery Factory, he directed the Ministry of Commerce and Industry to invite qualified technical personnel to thoroughly assses the requirements for the resuscitation of the factory.

“It has been long the Government of Borno State is making effort for the resuscitation of some of the industries. I have directed the Ministry of Commerce to immediately invite experts, especially those working here. I don’t mind calling those that have retired. Cross pollinate ideas and come up with a plan. You should detail among others, the fuctionality of some of the equipments on ground,” Zulum said.

Zulum also gave similar directives when he visited the Borno Steel and Wiire Industry located in Umarari, along Baga Road, Maiduguri.

The Governor also inspected facilities at Borno Supply Company (BOSCO), and interacted with the management staff on how the company can be reactivated to meet public demands.

The Governor also inspected an on-going rehabilitation and expansion of BOSCO filling station along GRA Police station.

Excited by the pace of work, Zulum assured the contractor of prompt release of funds whenever necessary. He also reiterated the Government’s commitment towards establishing of mega filling stations in the state capital.

“I am very impressed with your work. Despite the lockdown, you have made significant progress. We shall ensure timely release of funds to you. This is one of the mega stations we intend to put in place. While this is ongoing, we can start another one insha Allah.” Zulum said.

Source: Voice of Nigeria