Buhari We Love’ in beach party

Buhari We Love (BWL),’ a support group, has staged a beach party to appeal to Nigerians to vote for President Muhammadu Buhari in the Feb. 16 presidential election.

The group said that the return of President Buhari would usher in the delivery of more democratic dividends.

The Co-ordinator of the group, Mr Ambrose Ezenweani, made the call in Lagos at the group’s 4 + 4 Beach party

The beach party at Elegushi Beach was to mobilise youths and other segments of the society to support Buhari’s re-election.

Ezenweani said the president deserved the support of Nigerians for re-election as he had recorded remarkable achievements in his electoral promises.

The co-ordinator said the president had fought corruption fiercely since he assumed office in 2015, recovering looted funds and ensuring corrupt people were convicted.

Ezenweani added that the president had put the economy the path of progress with policies and programmes promoting growth.

In the area of security, the co-ordinator said the Buhari administration had confronted the menace of insurgency head-on, reclaiming territories that were once controlled by Boko Haram.

The co-ordinator said though there were still still issues to be addressed Nigerians could trust the president’s commitment to deliver a country of everybody’s dream.

We strongly believe the president has done well in the delivery of his promises and that Nigerians should vote for him to enable him do more.

He has done well in repositioning that was almost in tatters caused the poor leadership by the previous administration.

He has done well In the fight against corruption and monies are being recovered and justice is being meted to corrupt people.

In the area of security, the question we should ask is how many territories were under the control of Boko Haram before 2015 and what is the situation right now.

He has reclaimed all territories including the FCT that was under threat before 2015 and he has not relented in the campaign to flush Boko Haram out completely from the country.

Buhari has displayed sincerity and commitment to move the country forward, and for that, we believe all citizens who desire a better Nigeria should vote for him on Feb. 16, he said.

The aim of the group, he said, was to properly enlighten Nigerians on the achievements of Buhari and to canvass votes for him based on verifiable achievements.

The co-ordinator said the group was specifically targeting the youths as they represented a significant number of the voting population.

He said the Beach Party was conceived out of the need to deliver the message of Buhari’s performance through an idea that would appeal to the youths.

He said so many rallies, door-to-door campaigns had been organised for Buhari and there was need to reach the young people in an exciting way .

He appealed to eligible voters to come out en masse and cast their votes for the president.

Also speaking, Mr Oluwole Smart, a board member of the group, said Buhari remained the best option to further the progress of the country.

He said the massive investments in infrastructure such as in railway and roads were testimony that the president was committed to a better future for all citizens .

He added that the different programmes for the poor and the vulnerable clearly showed that the president was for the masses.

He urged Nigerians to overwhelmingly vote for the president to take the country to what he called the Next Level.

The party which lasted till late evening was characterised by dancing, feasting and chanting praises of the president.

Source: News Agency of Nigeria