Burundian police arrests 3 Brazilian drug traffickers, others

Burundian police has arrested 3 Brazilian drug traffickers found with three kilos of narcotics worth 360,000 euros.

The drug was being transported by the South American trafficker, who was arrested at an airport in Bujumbura, the capital of Burundi.

He was from Brazil and was arrested at Bujumbura International Airport. Also with him, two Burundian accomplices, contact persons were arrested, at this very place. Just as they were about to greet him and drive him to the hotel to continue his drug trade, Spokesperson for the Burundian police, Pierre Nkurikiye said.

In addition to these three men, a fourth, a Latvian man was also arrested.

According to the Burundian police, he was responsible for transporting three kilos of cocaine to the European market via Greece.

Source: Voice of Nigeria