Central African Republic reforms national army

The Central African Republic may be at a turning point after more than three years of conflict and instability.

The Council of the European Union decided in April, to work to reform the CARs security forces in order to stablilize the situation in support of the political process.

Authorities were pleased with what they saw last week, after 14 weeks of training from a European Union mission, rope climbing and other skills for senior military leaders at a military camp in Bangui.

The first company of a brand new national army has accomplished its training and is ready to be operation in January.

Defense Minister of CAR, Joseph Yakete expressed his satisfaction.

The CAR has not had a national army since 2013, when rebels overthrew the president and parts of the country experienced violence, much of it between Muslims and Christian militias.

EU military trainers are expected to train as many as two thousand new soldiers over the next two years.

Source: Voice of Nigeria