Awka-Anambra State House of Assembly has passed a resolution calling on Gov. Willie Obiano to direct Commissioner of Police, Anambra Command to intensify efforts at checking upsurge in cultism in the state.

Speaker of the House, Mr Uche Okafor, said it was a sensitive issue that was all over the country but that particularly, its increase in Anambra State.

The speaker noted that most of their activities were carried out in broad daylight, destroying life and property of the citizenry.

Mr Okafor commended the command for sensitising the public on different signs used by cultists to enable the citizens to know and report people using such signs within their vicinity.

Dr Timothy Ifedioramma, representing Njikoka 1 constituency who sponsored the motion said cult activities serves as bedrock and are ancillary to very heinous crimes and social vices”.

According to the lawmaker, such social vices include murder, kidnapping, rape, drug abuse, armed robbery and examination malpractices.

Ifedioramma noted that a huge number of our youths had died in their prime owing to their involvement in cult-related activities.

He said that valuable property had either been destroyed or damaged irredeemably in the process.

Mr Ifedioramma pointed out that rapid increase in cultism, especially in rural areas depicted insecurity. Insecurity is counterproductive to existing and proposed socioeconomic development, depleting the IGR of the state”.

Contributing to the motion, the House majority leader, Dr Nnamdi Okafor said that community policing would be effective in curbing cult menace.

Member representing Anambra East Constituency, Mr Obinna Emenaka noted that protection of human life and property as envisaged in the Constitution was paramount to the Willie Obiano administration.

Mr Emenaka noted that one of the greatest achievements on record was Anambra, being the safest state in the country.

Cultism is security threat to progress already made in the state and government must try to sustain the legacy of being the safest.”

Mr Emenaka called for advocacy, counseling, re-orientation, crusades and sensitisation measures to raise the consciousness of the youths about dangers of cultism.

The member representing Njikoka 2, Mr Pete Ibida pointed out bad parenting as one of the problems responsible for cultism in the state; expressing worries that cultism had spread into the secondary school system.

He, however, commended security agencies in the state, saying that much work would still need to be done.

Source: Anambra State Government