Children’s Day: Lutheran Church prays for children’s wellbeing

The Lutheran Church of Christ in Nigeria (L.C.C.N.) has called for prayers for children in Nigerian and all over the world, at a time of great challenge due to the COVID-19 Pandemic that is threatening children’s wellbeing.

In a message to mark the day, the Archbishop of the L.C.C.N, who is also the President of the Lutheran World Federation, Dr Musa Panti Filibus, said he joined the world in marking the Children’s Day, despite restrictions on movements and gatherings due to the pandemic.

Dr Filibus said prayers should be targeted at the children’s wellbeing and holistic development.

“As Nigerian children celebrate their day, let our children not be left to fall aside or forgotten in the world’s efforts to respond to the pandemic. Let us support the children to grow to be the future that Nigeria will be proud of, by giving them good and healthy environment needed for their growth,” Archbishop Filibus said.

He called on the government to ensure the implementation of rights and privileges of the children as enshrined in the constitution and also as captured in the Child Right Acts, to which Nigeria is a signatory.

The Archbishop called for collective effort to end street begging by all children and ensure their protection from being exposed to danger and exploitation.

“Together we can attain the dream of building “a nation where peace and justice shall reign” as enshrined in our national anthem. That future is now.” He said

Source: Voice of Nigeria