Committee calls for more inquiries on Education fund

The National Assembly has called for more inquiries on the utilisation of funds released for the Nigeria’s Education Sector in Year 2019 Appropriation act.

The House of Representatives Committee on Basis Education and Services made the call in Abuja during an oversight visit to the Ministry of Education on the implementation of the 2019 budget.

The lawmakers led by the Chairman of the Committee Professor Julius Ihonvbere said that the sector was underfunded and called on the 774 local governments to fund it at the grassroot levels to tackle major challenges facing basic education.

Professor Ihonvbere said; It is obvious that the sector is underfunded there is no how less than 50 percent release of the appropriation act will address the challenges of the sector it is important that the local government areas must begin to fund education at the basic level.

it is more about how the funds released are utilised we need to see the projects the funds released were used on as well as quality of work done in the sector

The Minister of Education Adamu Adamu said only 42 percent of 2019 appropriation act was released to the Ministry.

Adamu said out of the total sum of 58689905930 allocated to the federal ministry of education in 2019 only 2521581521469 was released agencies universities polytechnics and unity colleges only

According to the Minister In the 2019 Sectoral capital appropriation act the sum of N11073950101b was allocated to universities only N3281942332b was released N2394008340 was appropriated to Colleges of Education only 957603336 was made available.

For the unity colleges N10 001697004b was allocated to over 104 Nigerian government colleges only N5148216521b was released for implementation of projects in the schools.

Adamu said the sum of N84728572 was allocated to the education sector in the 2020 Appropriation act to attend to the needs of 19 agencies43 federal universities and 5 inter-university centres.

In the summary of the 2020 appropriation act N10411839526 is allocated to unity schools N11794209299 is allocated to universities N5728625725 appropriated to colleges of Education N2625046168 allocated to polytechnics while N35207437193 was allocated to agencies under the federal ministry of Educationthe minister stated.

Global rating

Adamu restated that Out of School children pose major challenge as Nigeria presently leads the table on the global rating of children not in school.

According to him some challenges in schools are; lack of security infrastructure acute shortage of classrooms inadequate teaching personnel as well as unqualified teachers poor and inadequate provision of ICT facilities in schools.

Adamu however appealed for an upward review of the budget of education sector in the 2021 budget.

Source: Voice of Nigeria