Committee nullifies 4 sports federation presidential elections

The Nigeria national sports federation’s elections petitions/appeal committee has nullified the election of Athletics Federation of Nigeria AFN and three other national sports federations.

The committee is headed by chairman Abulrasaq Salau, with Mr. Tunde Popoola, Mallam Tunde Kazeem , Mr. Aminu Kasimu Idris, Mr. Emmanuel Zira, Col. Emeritus Mahraja, and Mamudu, as members as well as Danjuma A. Muhammad who served as committee Secretary.

A total of 21 petitions were received by the committee from National Sports Federations.

Brown Ebewele petitioned the committee challenging his disqualification as the Technical Representative on the board of Athletics Federation of Nigeria (AFN).

The Committee therefore reinstated him as the representative of coaches/technical association to the board of AFN.

In the case of Charles Musa Yayock who alleged that he was disqualified on the day of the election as representative of the North West Zone without valid reason, the committee decided that the petitioner was wrongly disqualified at the zonal level and nullifies the election of Alhaji Gusau who was elected as AFN president and ordered a fresh election to be held at both the Zonal and National level.

Ms. Rosa Collins petitioned the committee and said she was disqualified and no reason was given after she won the NAWIS election at the constituency. The committee therefore upheld the election of Rosa Collins and nullified the election of the President of the AFN Board and also ordered a fresh election for the president of AFN Board.

And on the election of the Nigerian Cricket Federation, the committee said it found no reason to nullify the results of the election as conducted by the electoral committee and therefore upheld the election of Mr. Aimola Oludare and other candidates as duly elected.

Petitioner Ifeanyi Udeh, a delegate and participant at the Gymnastic Federation of Nigeria election noted the anomalies that took place during the conduct of the election for the post of the president and vice president.

But the Appeal Committee adjudged the petition as not valid and was dismissed.

The 3 man Electoral Committee in the Gymnastic Board wrote a formal report to the Appeal Committee highlighting the irregularities in the election conducted into the various positions.

The committee therefore nullified all the elections conducted in respect of the Gymnastic Federation of Nigeria both at the zonal, vice presidential and presidential levels and ordered fresh elections to be conducted.

Mark Jacob who contested under the Nigerian Handball Federation petitioned the committee alleging that he was improperly excluded as Ex-officio/sponsor/philanthropist by the electoral committee from participating in the vice presidential and presidential elections but the Appeal Committee adjudged the petition as not valid because and dismissed.

In the Nigeria Judo Federation, Musa Oshodi and 26 others petitioned the committee on the zonal election of the south � west zone which went into 4 rounds and the vice presidential and presidential elections were inconclusive.

The Committee therefore decided that arrangement should be made to conclude the South West Zonal election and the election for the Vice President and President is upheld having been smoothly conducted and concluded.

Bala Usman who contested under the Nigeria Kick Boxing Federation, petitioned the committee contesting the conduct and result of the election of board members in the kick boxing federation alleging that disqualified candidates were allowed to contest and results of election was falsified.

The Appeal Committee in its decision adjudged the petition as not valid and the petition was dismissed.

George Ashiru, a candidate who contested in the Nigeria Taekwondo Federation petitioned the committee over his nomination as ex-officio member asking the seven man body to look into the reason the he was told that his name was not on the list by The Chairman of the electoral committee at the presidential Election.

The Committee decided that the petitioners’ name was wrongly substituted, and consequently nullified the presidential election and directed that fresh election be held and reinstate Mr. George Ashiru as the Ex-officio/philanthropist/sponsor on the Board of the Nigeria Taekwondo Federation.

The committee also nullified South West zonal election and ordered a fresh one.

And in the Nigeria Weight Lifting Federation, Osun State Sports Council wrote to the Ministry renouncing the nomination of Mr. Loius Okoro as representative of the State of Osun. The Committee noted the complaints of the Osun State Sports Council but upheld the election of Mr. Louis Okoro as South �West zonal representative on the Board

Tonobok Okowa’s petition over the result of the vice president and president election in the Nigeria Weightlifting Federation as a result of irregularities resulted in the nullification of the election and a fresh to be conducted on the above mentioned positions.

Source: Voice of Nigeria