Communication drives culture, values, morals, clerics says cleric

Akpo (Aguata LGA)-Communication has been described as a vehicle that carries culture, values, morals from generation to generation.

Rev. Fr. Anthony Ezeoke made this observation during a Holy Mass to commemorate 2020 World Communication Day at St. Paul’s Catholic Church, Akpo on May 24.

The cleric said: “communication is all encompassing; a veritable tool of handing down culture, values and morals to children and children’s children.

“I wish parents will go back to telling folktales, riddles, lullaby to children, in their dialect. It will go a long way in keeping the language alive, especially Igbo language that is fast approaching extinction.

“Morals and values are inculcated through constant communication and staying together,’’ he observed.

Fr. Ezeoke urged parents to resist the temptation of allowing their children to first learn any other languages, other than their mother tongue.

“It is wrong to hear an Igbo child say before his or her parents, I do not understand Igbo language.’’

The cleric said: “evangelism is not for clergy alone but for all Christians.

“So, let your lifestyle evangelise. If Jesus is good to you, tell it to others. Live your life to attract the World to the Church.

“Communication is verbal and non verbal. So, as you live exemplarily, you are preaching Jesus,’’ the cleric said.

Fr. Ezeoke, then, pleaded with Christians to pray without ceasing to God to remove Coronavirus pandemic from men.

He advised them to observe preventive protocols as stipulated by World Health Organisation (WHO), Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) and Ministry of Health.

“Do wash your hands with soap under running water thoroughly, regularly. Do it because it is needed to save your life.

“Avoid crowded places; distance yourself from another at least three feet. Do not shake hands, hug or kiss.

“Put on your face masks, if there is important reason to go out, let your hand sanitiser be in your bag.

“Observe these protocols having in mind that it is in your interest,’’ Fr Ezeoke advised.

The cleric, then, hailed media saying: “the media is fighting the fight of COVID-19 pandemic ravaging the world gallantly’’.

He pleaded with rural folks, enjoining them to always listen to radio for reliable information. 

Source: Anambra State Government