Communications Commission to rely on local technologies

The Nigerian Communication Commission (NCC) has called for local technologies that will enhance development in the telecommunications industry.

The regulatory body said in a statement in Lagos that it supported among other things, telecommunications-based innovations.

It said that it supported inventions and research from tertiary institutions in the country that were practical, locally realisable and had clear potential of developing the telecommunications industry.

Pursuant to this objective, the commission invites proposals from academics in tertiary institutions that have feasible research ideas capable of replacing or enhancing foreign technologies in the telecommunications industry in Nigeria.

It is envisaged that the initiative will help build capacity in the tertiary institutions and promote Nigeria’s contribution to the pool of technologies in use in the communications industry.

Interested researchers are invited to submit their proposals which must come from teaching academics in Nigeria’s tertiary institutions.”

The proposal must have a one-page executive summary of the research proposal to include relevance of the research to the telecommunications industry, NCC said.

It said that the proposal must involve a clear statement and explanation of the problem which the technologies would solve.

NCC said that the proposal must proposed solution to the problem and the relevance of the technology to the telecommunications industry.

According to the regulatory body, the researcher must show evidence of local realisation, up to prototype of the technology.

The cost of actualising the idea, excluding furniture and allowances must be reasonable.

The research should be integrated with education so as to build the capacity of students via the implementation of the project in the institution.

There must be evidence of competence of term in executing the project, the commission said.

NCC said that interested researchers should submit both hard and soft copies of their research proposals on or before May 17.

It said that submission would undergo preliminary assessment.

The proposals that are adjudged promising and capable of developing the telecommunications industry will be further evaluated by another level of assessors.

Sponsors/authors of research submissions may be invited for defense of their proposals before a decision is taken on whether the commission will fund their project(s) or not, the telecommunications umpire said.

Source: Voice of Nigeria