Conflict, Stability and Security Fund: Nigeria Security and Justice Reform Programme (SJRP)


The Security and Justice Reform Programme (SJRP) directly delivers on the UK Government’s defence, security and justice priorities in Nigeria, through three interconnected components:

Strengthening Security and Justice Accountability through the media: supporting wider and more informed, inclusive and constructive public dialogue around key security and justice reform issues;

Democratic Oversight and Accountability of the Nigerian Security Sector: enhancing legislative oversight of the security sector by supporting key committees of the National Assembly to strengthen their capacity to hold defence, security and justice actors to account;

Strategic assistance to the Nigerian Police Force (NPF): includes strengthening the NPF’s strategic planning and operations and promoting the transition to civilian security. This will be complemented by broader strategic assistance to the NPF to support democratic policing, including by strengthening delivery of service, coherence and coordination and use of internal and external accountability mechanisms at local, state and federal levels.

Source: Department for International Development