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Consumer Protection Council to establish interactive complaint portal

The Consumer Protection Council says it will develop an expanded interactive complaint portal that would enhance quicker response and redress to consumer right issues.

The Executive Secretary, Consumer Protection Council, Mr. Babatunde Irukera disclosed this at a forum with representatives of the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority in Abuja.

Mr. Irukere said the council was collaborating with relevant agencies to ensure that consumers are treated accordingly.

One of the things the CPC is coming up with is an expanded interactive complaint portal , sooner than later we intend to deploy a mobile application that allows you to complain, essentially what we will do is make sure that expressing your grievances is not only at no cost but at an extremely convenient manner he said

He added that the Council is collaborating with the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority to address the neglect of 22 student of Glisten International School who were neglected in Istanbul by Turkish Airline on 23rd April, 2014 after representing Nigeria at a Lego competition in Houston Texas.

they were coming back home with the pride and the high spirits of how well they had done and how they had presented themselves as credible representation of the creativity of Africa especially Nigeria, However, there were significant delays approximately two hours delay. Of course, by the time they arrived Istanbul, they were rather late and their connection to Abuja had departed. he said

He lamented that rather than taking responsibility in line with global practices, Turkish Airline abandoned the Minors and were not responsive to their plight.

‘Rules required that the airline would have taken responsibility for that, however, that didn’t happen. These minors and their chaperons were asked to pay to secure a visa to be able to enter Turkey, and at some point, every single one of them had to pay a forty dollars fee just to be able to exit the staging area which is the gate area of the airport. He explained.

On his part, The director, Consumer Protection of the NCAA Alhaji Adamu Abdullahi explained that investigation was underway to ensure that the consumers in the aviation sector are treated accordingly.

it is according to the regulations of the NCAA that this flight terminates in Nigeria so therefore we have jurisdiction over how passengers on that flight are treated so that is their responsibility and we will ensure that we get to the bottom of it, and find out what it is that happened and the relevant compensations when and if they are applicable will have to be paid and sanctions where applicable will also have to be paid by the airline.’ He explained

Both parties reiterated commitment to protecting consumers in the aviation sector and urged consumers to complain to necessary authorities when their rights have been trampled upon.

Source: Voice of Nigeria