COVID-19 aftermath: Unskilled graduates may lack job opportunities – Analyst

More unskilled graduates will be unemployable after the COVID-19 pandemic unless they acquire more skills to suit the job market.

The “work from home” arrangement also known as telecommuting was adopted by employers to assure their workers’ safety during the ongoing global pandemic.

A Data and Analytics Senior Manager with PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Mr. Saheed Bashiru, told  Nigerian undergraduates via video conference that some Nigerian graduates would likely be unemployable after the coronavirus pandemic.

He was speaking during a capacity-building course with the theme: “Survival of the Smartest in a data-driven society”.

Mr. Bashiru pointed out that technology was taking over the world with the COVID-19 situation making a lot of organizations realize that they have more than the needed members of staff working physically.

According to him, it shows the future of work as more people will be working from home by 2025.

He, therefore, encouraged students to obtain more skills in technology and data science to be relevant in society.

“To survive the future of work and be relevant in a data-driven society then there’s need to gain knowledge on data and technology,” Bashiru said.

Also, the Senior Special Adviser to Lagos State Governor on Science and Technology and chairman of the seminar, Saheed Balogun, implored the students to take an interest in technology and data analytics by merging them with their respective courses of study.

The Coordinator of the Council Of Higher Institutions (COHI), in Lagos state, Abdulbasit Abdusalam acknowledged that the theme was chosen to prepare undergraduates to become employable in the labour market.

The seminar was organized by the Council Of Higher Institutions (COHI), an organ of Muslim Students’ Society Of Nigeria, in Lagos State.

Source: Voice of Nigeria