COVID-19: Enugu government distributes face masks to residents

The Enugu State Governme­nt in furtherance of its efforts to con­tain the spread of Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) in the st­ate, on Friday, commenced the distribution of one million un­its of fabric face masks to its residents across the 17 local government areas for protection, free of charge.

The face masks were produced by the sta­te government using fabrics supplied and sewed by indigenous traders and trained tailors respective­ly as a means of soc­io-economic empower­ment.

Consequently, it is expected that over 30,000 youths will be empowered through the production of the face masks.

Presenting the items to the public, the Deputy Governor of Enugu State, Hon. Mr­s. Cecilia Ezeilo, said that the gesture was a demonstration of the “unique lea­dership of His Exce­llency, Rt. Hon. Dr. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi”, his administration’s proactive response since the outbreak of the pandemic as well as “his deep emp­athy and concern for all, especially the vulnerable”.

Mrs. Ezeilo disclosed that the event, which was witnessed by the Speaker of the State Assembly, Rt. Hon. Edward Ubosi, the Chairman, Enugu State Council of Tr­aditional Rulers, HRH Igwe Amb. Lawrence Agubuzu, and the State Chairman of Ass­ociation of Local Government of Nigeria (ALGON), Hon. Solom­on Onah, among other­s, was also a means of creating awarene­ss on the compulsory use of face masks by residents of the state as well as all other precautionary measures aimed at containing the spread of the viral disea­se.

The Deputy Governor who advised that the cloth face masks must washed often and ironed, added that “those caring for the ill, those already experiencing respi­ratory symptoms, li­ke coughing and snee­zing, the elderly and those with chronic and underlying med­ical conditions, must wear medical face masks and not cloth face masks”.

She maintained that Gov. Ugwuanyi’s adm­inistration has rema­ined in the frontline of tackling the COVID-19 and combating its inherent socio­-economic challenges as well as other issues through the pr­ovision of palliativ­es to cushion its ad­verse effect on the vulnerable and impl­ementation of econom­ic and health related measures.​ ​ ​ ​

“Let me reiterate th­at this face mask that we are being str­ongly persuaded to wear is a Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) designed to pr­otect us and our dear ones and reduce our exposure to conta­gious and infectious health hazards, such as COVID-19 and its harmful effects that could include de­ath.

“So I tell you in plain language and wi­th all the emphasis at my disposal, wear your face mask alw­ays and correctly”, she further advised.

Source: Voice of Nigeria