COVID-19: Kwara State governor inaugurates two ICU ambulances

The Governor of Kwara State AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq has inaugurated two new Mercedes-Benz ambulances to fortify the state’s efforts to fight COVID-19 pandemic.

The ambulances came with full intensive care unit (ICU) equipment like ventilators, defibrillators, suction machines, patient monitors, oxygen concentrators, among others, which health officials say are key to manage high-risk patients.

“This is another effort to fortifying our health system. These are the ICU (intensive care unit) ambulances to transport patients in any medical condition. Until we came here, Kwara did not have ambulances with the necessary equipment to resuscitate, manage, and sustain patients on the go,” AbdulRazaq said.

According to him, now that the state has acquired this equipment, I am very confident that the Ministry of Health will maintain and use them properly, he promised that the government will continue to support the ministry and to ensure they deliver, he also pointed out that the government had earlier bought military-grade ICU ambulances.

“We don’t just buy ambulances. We buy ICU ambulances which can sustain lives”he added.

The Governor said the ambulances will be distributed across the state once the Covid-19 pandemic is over.

“We’ll sustain and stabilise what we’re doing and make sure that we move to the next phase of our hospital rehabilitation. Right now, we are in the phase of rehabilitating primary health care centres. They are going on very well,” he added.

“I want to commend the staff of the ministry of health, led by the commissioner, for doing great jobs in the fight against COVID-19 management. Your work is beyond just the call of duty. We thank you very much.”

The state Commissioner for Health,  Dr Raji Razaq, on his part, commended the Governor for rewriting the story of the health sector in Kwara State with A-list equipment and support for health workers.

“We are highly delighted that another feather has been added to the cap of the Kwara State Ministry of Health. 

In line with the vision of His Excellency to strengthen the health sector of the Kwara State, the procurement of these ambulances is another promise delivered,”

“These are brand new two Mercedes-Benz ICU ambulances fully kitted with all the resuscitative gadgets — ventilators, defibrillators, monitors of different kinds, oxygen, stretchers, suction machine, and other gadgets to resuscitate accident victims and other patients, Razaq said.



Source: Voice of Nigeria