COVID-19: Kwara Vaccinates 445,808 People

The Executive Secretary, Kwara State Primary Health Care Development Agency, Dr. Nusirat Elelu, has said that about 445, 808 people have been vaccinated in Kwara with both Moderna and AstraZeneca vaccines for first and second dose as part of efforts to forestall the spread of virus in the state.


Elelu disclosed this in Ilorin, the state capital North Central Nigeria during the commencement of COVID-19 booster dose of Pfizer vaccine.


Addressing journalists on the adverse effects of COVID-19, which has affected the economic and life of the people across the country, she said the country has witnessed several mutation of the virus and the recent Omicron virus which is highly infectious, saying the most effective way of slowing this pandemic is the efficacious and safe Covid-19 vaccination.


The Executive Secretary frowned at the rate in which the vaccine is been administered, saying, unfortunately 70% of the population will be able to get vaccinated in the next couple of years, in order to attain health immunity, if it continues at this level.


Scale strategy


She said that the nation has proposed and implemented a strategy called the scale strategy, in order to quickly ramp up Covid-19 vaccination drive in the country


Elelu maintained that to be able to execute that, the government has activated several site which would be the mass vaccination sites that has scattered across various large population density areas in Kwara State.


She said that strategies adopted include new vaccination sites in shopping malls, engaging additional public health facilities, using of mobile vaccination vehicles, expansion to selected private health facilities.establishment of mass vaccination sites in places with large population like Oja Oba market, Okuta market, Ipata market, Mandate market and in some of higher institutions like Kwara State Polytecnic, KWASU and others.


She reiterated that people that have been vaccinated have better chances of surviving or getting away with mild form of COVID-19.


Speaking further, Elelu said the country has decided to begin to implement the booster shot of Covid-19 vaccine, explaining that those that have been vaccinated for over six month for Astrazenica and Moderna are eligible to take booster dose for Covid-19 using the Pfizer vaccine.


“There are 90,000 doses of Pfizer vaccines in Kwara State, also there are additional doses coming to ensure that people that are qualify to take the booster shot,” she also revealed.


Booster shot


She maintained that Kwara State has also commenced the administration of booster shot, and that the Deputy Governor of the State, Kayode Alabi and his team were administered with the booster dose of Pfizer on Friday, as the vaccine is safe and efficacious.


Dr. Elelu, however, maintained that the agency (KWSPHCDA) has been monitoring any adverse reaction that might occur, to ensure people that experienced mild symptoms are immediately reported.


“We normally track for 42 days after the administration of the vaccine to ensure nobody is down with any adverse reaction following immunization,” she disclosed.


Elelu affirmed that the COVID-19 vaccines are safe, effective and the agency does not administer expired or suboptimal vaccine.


She affirmed that Kwara State Government would further ensure that people of the state have access to quality and effective COVID-19 vaccines


Elelu urged the people of the state to come out in their large numbers to embrace the efforts of state government by protecting themselves from the effect of the pandemic as the vaccine is free and effective to take.


Source: Voice of Nigeria