COVID-19: Nigeria Confirms 428 New Cases

Nigeria has confirmed 428 new cases of the deadly coronavirus also known as COVID-19.


Nigeria Centre for Disease Control NCDC confirmed the cases via its official Facebook page on Tuesday night.


The Centre noted that the cases were confirmed from 14 States: “Rivers-188, Ondo-54, FCT-42, Imo-25, Nasarawa-24, Oyo-23, Edo-18, Akwa Ibom-16, Ogun-14, Osun-10, Kano-7, Ekiti-3, Borno-2, Plateau-2.”


“Today’s report includes: 25 confirmed cases reported for Imo state is for 3rd January 2022. 16 confirmed cases reported for Akwa Ibom state is for 31st (9) December 2021 & 2nd (7) January 2022. 7 confirmed cases reported for Kano state is for 3rd January 2022. 2 confirmed cases reported for Borno state is for 3rd January 2022. 231 Discharged cases reported for Imo state for 3rd January 2022 are community discharges. 0 cases reported from Bauchi and Sokoto States,” NCDC stated.




These figures bring the total number of confirmed cases to 244,548 with 216,814 discharged and 3,053 deaths.


Source: Voice of Nigeria