COVID-19: Nigerian President urges African countries to embrace manufacturing

President Muhammadu Buhari has advised African countries to embrace the manufacturing sector, as they battle with COVID-19.

In an opinion titled “Post-Coronavirus, Africa’s manufacturing moment,” the Nigerian leader drew the attention of Africa to the need to look inwards and explore manufacturing potentials.

He said: “In this new, post-coronavirus age, Nigeria—and Africa, more broadly—wish to benefit the world, not be a drag on its resources or seemingly forever in need of aid. At last, after years of poor governance, we have the people, the purpose and the political will for this to change.

What we need now is for the vision of others to match our own. And Africa is positioned to play a critical role in the remolding of a post-coronavirus world that centers around manufacturing.

“Of course, for many lost decades, Africa’s manufacturing moment has been on the launch pad, but never leaving it. But this time, I am convinced, it can be different,” he said.

Source: Voice of Nigeria