CPP Independent Committee unconstitutional – Concerned Comrades

A group calling itself ‘Concerned Comrades of the Convention People’s Party (CPP)’ has described the formation of an Independent Committee (IC) to oversee their national congress and election of flagbearer for the 2024 general election as unconstitutional.

The IC did not receive approval from the Central Committee, which comprised all 16 regional chairmen, constituency chairmen, the current national chairman, former national chairmen, and former flagbearers.

At a press conference. Convener Afelik A. Agoba, stated that Article 73(c) of the party’s constitution stipulated that the Central Committee approved such decisions hence the formation of the IC was unconstitutional.

‘Constitutionally speaking, the meeting between the team of Founding Members, the rest of the Central Committee members, and the National Chairperson and Leader of the Party on May 14, 2024, where the decision to set up the Independent Committee was unanimously adopted, was not a Central Committee meeting,’ he said.

‘We, in all humility a
nd respect for the Founding Members of the Party, would want to state for the records that the very act of the Founding Members setting up the supposed Independent Committee is a breach of the Party’s Constitution.’

They had, thus, outlined proposed guidelines that the National Chairperson and Leader, Council of Elders and the Founders should ensure there was an emergency Central Committee meeting as soon as possible.

The Central Committee should also consider and adopt the decision of the Founders and set up a truly independent committee of competent ideologically and well-grounded comrades to lead the charge of reorganising the Party.

In addition, it should work hand in hand with the Council of Elders to ensure that the party was organised in accordance with the dictates of the Constitution of the party from the polling stations to the national level.

Mr Agoba cautioned that disregarding guidelines of the constitution could further escalate the cracks in the party in the future.

Source: Ghana News Age