Dairy company reduces milk hawking – Miyetti Allah

The Chairman, Miyetti Allah, Kaduna State Chapter, Haruna Usman Tugga says the existence of a milk dairy company in their community has reduced the percentage of Fulani milk hawkers.

He stated this in an interview with Voice of Nigeria in Kaduna on the benefits the Fulani’s have enjoyed since the establishment of the yoghurt company by government in Ladugga community.

From the day the milk diary company was launched by government, majority of our women and girls have stopped hawking milk. Our herdsmen with less than ten cows sell the milk directly to the companies at good prices. It’s a huge achievement to us as hawking poses danger to their lives.

The Chairman explained that, if many of such companies would be established across the State, it will reduce clashes between farmers and herdsmen.

The company has a provision of a grazing reserve so if we have more grazing reserves as government had promised, these clashes will be reduced, he emphasised.

Job Creation

Speaking further on the milk company, the Executive Secretary, Kaduna State Emergency Management Agency, SEMA, Ben Kure explained that the launching of the Wole yoghurt company was meant to create more jobs for the people in the community.

The cows feed from foreign grasses planted to increase their yields. Prior to the launch, the cows only produced about 1.3 litters but today, the same cows produce 3litres daily’, Ben mentioned.

He said Ladugga community is a commercial centre waiting to be exploited, saying its soil is rich with untapped resources that if properly harnessed would be a spring of wealth.

Ben added that Ladugga community accommodates people with great potentials who live harmoniously with peaceful coexistence. They have a growing population with schools to accommodate them but lack enough teachers.

According to a beneficiary, Salihu Yunusa, the company has employed a lot of us in the community, our women no longer go to the market to hawk and we have no course to worry about excessive milk produced by our cows.

Anchor Borrower Scheme

Meanwhile, our correspondent also sought opinions from farmers of Kaduna on the anchor borrower scheme. One of them, Comrade Sagir Umar said, even though the direct funds from CBN was stopped in 2016 due to certain reasons, some companies working in collaboration with the Federal government have continued with the scheme to encourage rice farming.

These companies provide us with agricultural inputs and ask us to pay after harvest of half way through the harvest. A lot of our members have benefitted in both the dry and rainy season rice farming, our yield was on the increase.

I had a bumper harvest because I collected inputs of rice production worth N200,000 and sold it for over N500,000. As far as am concerned, this is a great achievement, Umar boasted.

He lamented that the major challenge some of them experienced was the messages they received from scammers who asked them to open bank accounts or deposit N10,000 before receiving inputs from companies.

Source: Voice of Nigeria