Dentist warns against use of charcoal, others for teeth whitening

A dentist, Dr Niyi Adekeye, has warned against the use of charcoal, baking soda, potash and salt for teeth whitening, saying this could affect some vital organs of the body.

Adekeye who was speaking in Lagos said instead of engaging in such act, medically certified methods such as teeth bleaching was ideal.

He said the use of charcoal could cause damage to the kidney and the heart while salt and potash consumption should be done with moderation.

Teeth bleaching is recommended for people who want their teeth white and this does not require any form of surgery, it is a simple process and has no negative implications. Some people use hydrogen peroxide on aching part of the tooth; this is wrong because hydrogen peroxide is meant for external use and not internal. It is not to be consumed; this might get the gums burnt.

He said there was a patient suffering from toothache who used his urine to gargle for pain relief and cure; and after a while his condition became worse.

Adekeye urged patients to always seek medical help for any ailment.

He advised that chewing sticks should be used carefully when brushing the teeth to guide against the gums receding and, therefore, exposing the teeth to infection.

Source: Voice of Nigeria