Developers vow to resist undue estate demolitions


Real Estate Developers Association of Nigeria (REDAN) has vowed to resist any attempt to continue demolition privately built estates in either the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) or any state of the federation without following due process.

A statement signed by the association’s President, Chief Olabode Afolayan, declared: “REDAN will resist very strongly any further demolition in FCT or in any state where due process is not followed. If people are not considerate, we are considerate of our business, and our customers, that is, those that have invested money, and we are considerate of developing this country because it belongs to all of us.

“Between August 2011 and October 2012, REDAN can confirm from its record that FCT administration has demolished 1004 houses, this is not good for development, this is not good for a country where we are talking about 17 million deficits in housing units, and this is not even good for mankind. In Lugbe that we are talking about, the total number area built is 2,990.9 hectares, total houses under construction/completed 4,961, total number of subscribers 17,323, estimated cost of development N37.82 billion.

“It must be stated that extensive demolition is not uncommon in Abuja. However the way and manner the ill-fated Lugbe estates were hurriedly pulled down against all appeals and the immediate re-allocation of the land to new allottees as well as the threat by the minister to go ahead with further demolition of the 38 estates in spite of various subsisting court actions on the matter and loud public outcry, leaves REDAN and well meaning Nigerians to conclude that there may be personal interest of the Minister of FCT other than the interest of public on the issue,” he stated.

He noted efforts made by REDAN to resolve the matter with the FCT administration, which was eventually not honoured. “In the wake of the crisis, the leadership of REDAN and all owners of estates along that axis met with the management of Department of Development Control (DDC) and FCDA in the bid to finding solution to the matter,” he declared.

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