Disability Community COVID-19 Response Team in Anambra tasks sub-committees on fight against Coronavirus

Awka-Following announcement of another COVID-19 active case in Anambra, newly inaugurated Disability Community COVID-19 Response Team has kicked-started its activities as part of contributions toward stepping up the fight against Coronavirus.

Chairman of the Response Team, Mr Ugochukwu Okeke, while being interviewed by an Information Officer, explained that his team was not leaving any stones unturned in its commitment to the community in Anambra.

“Our duty as Steering Committee is to supervise and look into all the plans and activities of sub-committees and ensure that they are in line with instructions of State Action Committee.

“We have already held meeting with sub-committees shortly after the inauguration, where we tasked them on map from the terms of references already made available to each sub-committee and follow ups.

“We expect feedback by next week,’’ he concluded.

Another member of the steering committee, who doubles as Special Assistant to Governor on Sign Language Communication, Mr Joseph Collins explained what Government had earmarked for the Deaf Community.

“The governor had before now engaged the services of five sign language interpreters to help to bridge the communication gap for the Deaf Community in the state.

“I also interpreted the governor’s COVID-19 addresses as well as work with the ABS to interpret the daily COVID-19 updates.’’

The Disability Community COVID-19 Response Team was inaugurated by the governor to ensure that they were fully involved in the fight against Coronavirus. 

Source: Anambra State Government