Edo Govt dissociates self from cuffed man saga, orders probe

Reacting to material circulating the internet of a man handcuffed to the back of a moving police van, the government of Edo State has dissociated itself from the treatment meted to the man, adding that those involved in the act would be brought to book.

It would be recalled that in the video and accompanying pictures, a man later identified as Kester Edun was seen with his left hand cuffed to a police van, after which he was dragged as the vehicle moved from Sokponba Road to 1st East Circular Junction.

In a statement from the Office of the Chief Press Secretary to the Governor, the government denounced participation in the act and restated its commitment to ensuring civil and lawful behaviour.

The statement read in part: This cruel, inhuman and barbaric treatment is totally unacceptable to the Government of Edo State and is in fact unacceptable in any sane or civilised society. The Governor has directed the Edo State Ministry of Justice to initiate immediate action to identify and prosecute all or any officers or persons found to have been complicit in this outrage.

Continuing, the government noted that it was inhuman behaviour of that nature that compelled it to ban the activities of non-state actors collecting revenue on the streets as well as Community Development Associations (CDA), who were fond of resorting to violence to obtain illegal levies from innocent citizens.

Meanwhile, the government added that it was committed to ensuring lawful behaviour from those charged with the enforcement of law and order.

This government resolutely believes that whilst the law must be rigorously enforced, it must be done within the bounds of decency, civility and legality, the government said.

Source: Edo State Government