EIBF holds End of Year get together with Awards and Recognitions to deserving members

BENIN CITY – Members of Edo International Business Forum held their end of year get together with pomp, lectures and awards of recognition to distinguished members recently in Benin City.

While welcoming the members, The President of Edo International Business Forum, Madam Florence Omere said the occasion was basically to interact and forge a way forward in the New Year.

“This year end of year party of Edo International Business Forum is certainly a moment that we should all savor and enjoy. If you take a quick look around you, I am sure you will all agree that our EIBF has come a long way in the last year.

“Considering the challenges facing our world today due to the COVID-19 “PLANDEMIC,” I am using this medium once again to extend my gratitude to the planning committee of this event and his team for their role to make it possible for this event to become a reality despite the short notice.

“It all started like a dream. Our founders envisioned the dream of establishing a world class Business Group that will be an example to all Nigerians and Africans in the world and would mold and guide the business community and the future generations of business leaders of enlightened minds”, she noted.

According to her, “the occasion affords us the opportunity to interact, rub minds, forge a way forward and set our programme for the year. It is my hope and prayer that we will leave here with specific and clear vision for 2021.”

It was an opportunity for the echelons in business to unwind and be informed of the importance of strategizing in their businesses as the second wave of the COVID-19 looms ahead.

The President of the Nigeria chapter of AFCTA, Blessing Erabor informed the gathering that the AFCTA has commenced free movement of goods and services across the African continent and therefore the members should take the opportunity to be involved.

She disclosed that Nigeria should no more be an import country alone because there are products such as ginger and fabrics that can be exported to other countries, all that should be done is for the businessmen and women to position themselves to enable them benefit.

“Nigeria is number one in the production of ginger in Africa and third in the world and Nigeria Fabrics are accepted all over the world. Nigeria also has the best honey. AFCTA should drive business in Nigeria and businessmen and women can export their goods and services” she noted.

During the get together party, lectures were delivered by Dr. F.B.I Ejele, titled; harnessing your Business through effective collaboration and it was disclosed that businesses have to resort to innovations by diversifying to survive.

Also, Sir Femi Adijala, an accountant talked on issues concerning collapsed businesses and three things that must be addressed during the post COVID-19 era which includes taking care of the health, legal and financial aspects.

The Managing Director of TCS Paymasters Ltd, manufacturers of Pre-paid meters, Austin Atakpu said the Edo International Business Forum is a body that houses Chief Executive Officers of businesses in Edo and the body is there to support businesses and to ensure they are not affected by negative government policies.

Awards and recognitions were given to patriotic members for their outstanding contributions in carrying out responsibilities and the ambassador award was given to Mr Igbe Osayande.

Source: The Nigerian Observer