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Eksudo Rojo Holds Carnival to Sensitise Consumers


Raheem Akingbolu
Patrons and handlers of Eksudo Rojo, a premium wine brand from the stable of Baron Philippe de Rothschild, took to the street in Lagos recently to celebrate their success in the Nigerian market.

The carnival, which took place at the famous Oke-Arin market in the busy open market district of Lagos Island, was used to entertain traders and shoppers, who have consistently stood by the brand. As the carnival train moved from UBA car park to Oke Arin, a huge crowd ran after them to feel the colorful display of dance, circus performances, and music.

According to Alex Kothoor of GDN Nigeria, the carnival was organised in the open market to show the brand’s appreciation to the dedicated traders, and to express Rojo’s commitment and affinity to its trade partners and consumers.

“We have been in Nigeria for decades and have not for a second regretted being here. As at today, the market share from Nigeria for the global brand is still the highest and it will be laxity on our part if we fail to appreciate consumers and traders, who have been our strength over the years,” he said.

Speaking on what the company is doing to assist trade partners, the Nigerian representative stated that it gave incentive from time to time and made sure that Nigerian consumers get the best at the most friendly price.

Earlier, the Export Manager of Baron Philippe de Rothschild, proprietors of the Escudo Rojo wine brand, Thomas Frotte, had described the carnival as a way to bond more with consumers. He also described the brand as a core Nigerian brand, which targeted all class of people and make available at both open market and choice stores.

Frotte, who stated that the unique Selling Point of the brand lies in its quality and composition, which made it superior to other brands, urged Nigerian consumers not to change in their support for the brand.

The first edition of the carnival was held last year, where the charismatic Nigerian musician W4 took the stage to perform his chart-topping hit single “wa gba control”, to the delights of consumers and handlers of the brand.