Erosion Control Work Starts In Gombe University

Work have commenced at the Gully Erosion Site of the Gombe State University to address severe Gully Erosion problems in the short term, and reduce soil erosion and climate variability.

The project, which is also aimed at promoting long-term climate resilience and low carbon development in the medium term would tackle the issues associated with aforestation of the Gombe Goes Green Project of the state Government.

It will be recalled that Gombe State Government had in early December 2020 awarded a contract worth over 2.9 billion Naira for the Gombe State University to Malam Inna Erosion Control works to Triacta Nigeria Compay through the Nigeria Erosion and Watershed Management Project, NEWMAP.

Storm water channels

Consequently, the company handling the project is currently constructing different sizes of storm water channels to redirect the immense run-off being experienced during the rainy season so as to mitigate the effect of gullies in and around the Gombe State University, Kagarawal and Unguwa-Uku.

The development of gullies are one of the severe environmental problems in Gombe, threatening its urban infrastructure lives, property and physical growth.

Governor Muhammadu Inuwa Yahaya approved the release of N 500 hundred million Naira counterpart contribution to facilitate the implementation of the World Bank-funded project, in his determination to address the menace of the gully erosion bedeviling parts of the State.

Source: Voice of Nigeria