EU commends Nigeria for release of Dapchi school girls

European Union, EU has commended the Nigerian Government for the release of the abducted school girls in Dapchi , Yobe State.

In a statement, the EU said it was with great relief that they received news of the release of the majority of the abducted school girls.

We commend the Nigerian Government for its resolve in obtaining the release of the girls and support that urgent measures are taken to avoid repeated abductions and violence.

According to the statement, the girls can now return to their families and have the opportunity to rebuild their lives.

Renewed solidarity

The EU, which also expressed sincere condolences to the families and friends of the girls that lost their lives, pledged renewed solidarity with all the girls still held captive and called for their liberation.

The European Union said all young people have a right to safe education and pledged to work with Nigeria in supporting efforts to ensure that this objective is achieved.

Source: Voice of Nigeria