Experts task students on financial intelligence

Students under the aegis of Muslim Students Society of Nigeria (MSSN) Orile- Agege Central branch have been tasked to be financially disciplined if they must thread the path of financial freedom to improve themselves and the country.

The Audit Executive Guinea Insurance PLC Mr AbdGaniy Sulaimon made this known at the Economic summit 2020 of the students organisation which recently took place in Orile -Agege area of Lagos state

According to the financial executive Mr Sulaiman being financially discipline is vital to the development of individuals going by what is obtainable in the Nigerian society as salary earners or business owners.

He said not all who were classified as rich people in the society today were not born rich but they all started from the scratch and made headway because of their financial intelligence.

Look at Dangote Adenuga of today they started from somewhere if you check their history there was a time they were not rich but the little they had they were discipline with them.

That’s the reason for this economic summit we have today to instill the culture on the youths and the participantshe said.

Mr Sulaiman pointed that determination is the key to achieving this regardless of the income of individuals.

Meanwhile those who are in business line would have to as well be ready to learn and read wide packaging their products better with value added.

This forms part of submission of Mr Abdllahi Davies a life coach who dwelled on the strategy for poverty allegation at the submit.

Mr Davies encouraged the participants to take advantage of online marketing idea as it now a modern day tools to excel in Entrepreneurship.

The Economic Summit 2020 was the first the MSSN Orile-Agege Central branch organised for its members with the hope of continuity with more editions in the year.

Source: Voice of Nigeria