FCT Minister Of State Honours Traffic Warden

The Nigerian Federal Capital Territory Minister of State, Dr Ramatu Aliyu, has honoured a traffic controller, Inspector Audu Selbol, in Abuja, for his outstanding commitment to duty.

Voice of Nigeria gathered that the officer, popularly known in the nation’s capital as ” The dancing officer ” received a gift of deep freezer, grinding machine, food items and an undisclosed sum of money.

The minister said she was touched after watching a documentary where the traffic controller was cheerfully and enthusiastically doing his job without minding the adverse conditions on the road.

Aliyu, who presented the gift items to the officer through leaders of her political pressure group, ‘Team Ramatu ‘ noted that Nigerians, who worked hard with a sense of patriotism needed to be encouraged.

She urged Nigerians, especially women and youths not to lose faith in the country but endeavour to play their roles effectively towards national development.

One of the leaders of the groups, Farida Suleiman, also urged women to support their husbands, while aspiring to lead in any way possible.

She also commended the traffic controller, saying “This man has been doing this job passionately.

“Don’t think people are not looking at you, someone is looking at you. So do your job with passion,” Suleiman said.

Responding, the officer, thanked the minister and her group for the honour, Selbol said his motivation to work was attributed to his strong faith that diligence rewards.

He, however, said that his wish was to inspire people to give their best in whatever they do and also be recognized for it.

Team Ramatu

A group of Nigerians under the aegis of Team Ramatu identified and honoured a diligent traffic police officer in Abuja.

Other Nigerians joined Team Ramatu to shower Inspector Audu Selbol and his family with gifts, in cash and items.

Selbol could no longer hold back his tears as eulogies and gifts kept rolling in from one speaker after another.

According to them, the ever-smiling and dancing vehicular traffic maestro always put smiles on their faces and made them forget their stress with his unique and funny dance steps and a constant smiling face.

One of the speakers even revealed that the Plateau-born traffic police officer was responsible for saving her friend’s marriage.

According to the speaker, her friend had gone out to fine-tune divorce processes, but on seeing Selbol dancing in the sun, she returned home, mimicking him with dance steps on entering the house to the shock of everyone, when asked why such dance steps in a long while, she happily said: “Problems do not finish oh. I saw one traffic officer dancing and smiling while working under the sun, it’s not that he does not have problems. Let me dance too. Happiness is a choice.”

Inspector Selbol was praised for his uncommon dedication to duty as he was said to have worked tirelessly under Abuja’s scorching sun and under the rains to ensure free flow of traffic.

He said he put such dedication and diligence into his work to ensure seamless traffic flow because he did not like to see accidents that destroyed property and lives.

There is hardly any Abuja motorists who have not spotted him. While others appreciate him by waving as they drive past, others pull over to part with something.

Unlike many, Selbol never gets angry at certain motorists who forget to drive when he gives the green light, rather he changes his dance step, puts his hands akimbo and wiggles his waist as if to ask them why they aren’t moving.

FCT Arts and Culture cinema hall, Area 10, Garki, venue of the event was electrified when the audience prevailed on the honouree to climb on stage and ‘perform’.

He didn’t fail anyone as he thrilled with his traffic dance steps and the sweet melody boomed.

Everyone stood up and Selbol got such a standing ovation as the audience unanimously chanted he should continue.

Team Ramatu is a support group of Nigerians who root for the success of the FCT Minister of State, Dr Ramatu Tijjani Aliyu.

Some of those who graced the occasion were Dr Jumai Ahmadu, director FCTA Department of Reform Coordination and Service Improvement, a journalist-turned-traffic management guru, Ikharo Attah of the FCT Traffic Management Team, Dr Jopia Gupa of the Civil Society Coalition, among others.




Source: Voice of Nigeria