Federal Government embarks on 11 capital projects in Kwara

The Federal Controller of Works, Kwara State, Mr Atetibi Kunle Wasiu says the Nigerian Government is embarking on eleven ongoing capital projects in the state.

According to him, this is apart from other smaller emergency projects for intervention across the State.

Mr Atetibi disclosed this in his office in Ilorin, North Central Nigeria while answering questions from VON.

According to him, among the projects that are ongoing arè the rehabilitation of Ilorin-Jebba- Mokwa – Birni Gwara- Kaduna Road at the cost of over fourteen point five billion Naira,  the dualisation of Ilorin- Jebba- Mokwa-Bokani junction at the cost of over eighty point three billion Naira,  rehabilitation of Ilorin- Omuaran -Egbe Road sections two in Kwara and Kogi states and the dualisation of Michael Imoudu- Ganmo/Afon junction Road as well as the rehabilitation of Ajase-Ipo-Offa-Erin Ile, Osun state boundary Road.

Other projects that he highlighted that the Federal Government is rehabilitating are the  Ajase Ipo- Offa-Erin Ile- Osun State boundary Road, the construction of Offa by- pass, construction of Afon- Aboto-Oyo state boarder Road, rehabilitation of Share-Patigi , construction of Patigi- Kpada Road, construction of Echi-Shayangi – Koro road and the rehabilitation of Ilorin-Igbeti-Kishi Road.

The Federal Controller also disclosed the federal government has ongoing rehabilitation projects at Ohan and Moro bridges on Ilorin-Igbeti Road, construction of the three sections of  Kaiama- Kishi and Tesse-Moshe Roads.

He explained that the dualization contract is the continuation of the already completed Ilorin-Jebba dualization project which is meant to add additional lane besides the already completed rehabilitation length.

Mr Atetibi revealed that the contractor for the project has been fully mobilized on site and he has started the work and presently has almost completed a section of the existing road which is part of the dualization because the project contains outstanding 18.6 kilometres of the existing road.

“He is aiming at completing the project to link the entire existing road and by the end of the year, he will now commence on the additional lane that forms the dualization. The dualization contract contains a lot of Bridges to be constructed from Ilorin Eyenkorin interchange to Jebba Bridge. That is about 93 kilometres in length but when you add the completion of the outstanding of the existing road which is 18.6 kilometres, you will have about 110 plus kilometres in total length of new carriage way  that will form dualisation contract,” the Federal Controller explained further.

According to him, the cost of the total dualisation of Ilorin-Jebba-Makwa- Bokoni Junction section one project is over eighty point three billion naira which was awarded in July 2018 and it is supposed  to last for 36 months but stated that  the government has been mobilizing the contractors in parts.

“I think the government has mobilised the contractor close to three billion naira out of the total contract sum despite that,  the contractor is fully mobilized on site working. So far, out of the dualization length, the contractor has been able to complete 11 kilometres with drainage work” he added.

According to him, by the end of this year, the contractor will now move additional lane to start working on it but however,  all depends on funding too, but said in as much as the Federal Government is desirous of funding and completing projects awarded,  availability of funds is the constrain.

On the  Ilorin-Omu Aran-Egbe road, Mr Atetibi said the same contractor CGC Nigeria Limited  is  handling the projects which was  first awarded in 2013 and  commenced from Kogi State but the Kwara State section started in 2017/2018.

“The workers were on site before COVID 19 lockdown. But when COVID 19 lockdown started, they also stopped work. They are also waiting for rain to go before they continue the work because their equipments are still on site. That project is 21.7 billion naira from Ilorin -Egbe rehabilitation to Kogi State. We also have Michael Imodu- Ganma-Afon junction. The contractor handling the project is called HMF That is 3.8 kilometers of the road. The contractor has already completed half of that length. The remaining half part of the project is almost completed with drainages,” Mr Atetibi explained further.

He  disclosed that  the Federal Government is also working on the Offa bypass road which is almost completed which will bypass Communities around Offa and come out from Osun State  while the  rehabilitation of Share-patigi Road at the contract sum of 10.2 billion naira with 13.8% completion and  Patigi-Paada road at 4.3 billion naira with percentage completion of 13. 8% while Oro township road is over 95% completed as Oba Charles Oladele road in Omu-Aran is also almost completed.

He, however, expressed satisfaction with all the projects done so far.

Source: Voice of Nigeria