FG working hard for a sound biosafety agency – NBMA

Dr Rufus Ebegba, the Director-General, National Biosafety Management Agency (NBMA) says the Federal Government is doing everything possible to make sure Nigeria has a very sound biosafety system.

Ebegba made the assertion at a workshop organised by the agency for its staff members in Abuja.

The government is doing whatever needs to be done to make sure we have a very sound biosafety system in this country, and a holistic one at that.

I am proud to tell you that our agency is rated high in Africa, and globally it is on a very high pedestal.”

He said that the workshop was part of capacity building to strengthen the proficiency and increased skills of the staff on matters of biosafety.

This training is not going to be centred on biosafety alone, it is going to also look at the administrative, accounting and audit systems.

It is a great opportunity for all of us to be here, it is part of the Federal Government project aimed at improved performance, please take advantage of this training.”

He urged the staff to conscientiously avail themselves of the opportunity of the workshop to upgrade their knowledge on biosafety issues.

Please try to make sure that you listen and participate actively; ask questions in any area you do not understand so that you will be given appropriate answers.

I hope that at the end of this training you would have added more knowledge to what you have.”

Ebegba said that at the end of the training certificates would be issued to those who actively participated.

That is why I have always urged you to exhibit character that can be attested to at any time. Good character and conduct will always take you far.

So if you do well anywhere you are, you will be recognised for your worth and, not only that, you will also be respected.”

He said that the agency used mainly old members of staff for the training because Nigeria lacked biosafety experts.

I have decided to use staff of the agency, particularly the old ones who have the knowledge borne out of experience.

So all the speakers are basically going to be members of the agency so what we are doing today is an add-on to what we already have, and I believe that you will continue to improve yourselves individually.”

Global trends

Mrs Scholastica Bello, the Head, Planning, Research and Statistics said that the aim of the training was to build up all the members of staff to come to terms with the current world of biosafety.

Even though there are those that have gone through similar training, there is need to continuously upgrade their knowledge.

At the end of this training, it is expected that they should be very much versed in the subject and be able to defend and propagate the message of the agency.

Also the status of the agency as at today vis-a-vis what happens in biosafety globally is such that a lot is expected of us by the nation.”

A participant, Abisabo Adamu, a scientific officer of the agency that said the training would improve his knowledge of biosafety regulations in Nigeria.

As it is, biosafety is somehow very new in Nigeria, we have a lot of tasks ahead of us as a regulatory agency and we need to be well built in the area of regulations of biosafety in Nigeria.

This is why this programme has been organised to ensure that each staff is well positioned in the area of biosafety management.

And we are very happy because with the level of expert we have on ground here, we know very well that we will never remain the same in the area of biosafety in Nigeria.”

Source: Voice of Nigeria