Flooding: Environmentalist wants effective early warning system

An environmentalist, Emmanuel Yerima, has urged relevant government agencies to take seriously early warning signs of flooding and take proactive measures on risk reduction in communities prone to flooding during rainy season.

Yerima, a member of Nigerian Environmental Society made the call against the backdrop of recurring floods that washed away communities and their crops during the previous rainy seasons.

I have been noticing that whenever we are into the rainy season which may bring flash flood at the first instance,when flood warning alert will come from experts and governments themselves.

I think it will be wise for us as a country, I mean experts and relevant government agencies to always come together to brainstorm to proffer solutions even before we get into the peak of rainy season ” he said.

According to Yerima, physical barriers that can impede water flows such as dams, flood walls, and spillways among other channels will help in preventing flooding in the traditionally prone areas.

The environmentalist also stressed the need for government at all levels to embark on reconstruction and rehabilitation of existing drainage systems critical to flood prevention and management in the most affected sections of the country.

It is not easy, however, to perform flood emergency planning and management properly.

Early warning without appropriate action is not sufficient to ensure reduction of risk to flooding and inadequate management may even worsen the situation.

Institutions and stakeholders need to make necessary flood emergency planning and management arrangements so that individuals at flood plains can respond effectively to it,he said.

He said that well-planned flood emergency management strategies in addition to other preventive measures could go a long way to reducing risks in communities vulnerable to flooding because of their means of livelihood or other activities.

Source: Voice of Nigeria