Food vendors/beer parlour owners lament as curfew `robs’ them of customers

Awada (Idemili North LGA)-Food vendors and beer parlour operators in Idemili area of Anambra are not finding it easy making ends to meet as curfew imposed by the Federal Government takes a toll of small businesses.

“This is negatively impacting on businesses in Awada area Idemili North Local Government Area (LGA),’’ an Information officer has gathered while interviewing small bussiness owners.

During interaction with the Information Officer some of the vendors in food and drinks have been complaining bitterly that they had yet to start breaking even on account of the ravaging pandemic.

Mrs Ngozi Umeh, a food vendor at Ben Anyaeze Street said that her business had been badly affected since the announcement of dusk to dawn curfew.

“My business starts from 4pm and gets to its peak at 8pm from, when the curfew takes its toll on my bussiness as “I am forced to wind up’’.

“Indeed, at 11pm during normal times, this is when I make my money before closing for the day. How can I cope now?’’ she lamented.

Mrs Nkoli Ezeh, another food vendor at Eze Iweka, Awada said she had lost it all: “when my customers are to start trooping in, that is when I will be hurrying to close my shop for the day.

“I now cook half of what I used to prepare in the past and yet hardly finish all,’’ she said.

Mrs Ebere Ozor, a Beer Parlour operator at Illo Okoye said she has little to say, because “everyone knows that the best time for this business is at night’’.

“How can I start my business by 4pm with all these meat — fried, roasted and assorted fish and meat pepper soup and I am expected to sell them off before 8pm, just before takeoff of the curfew? It is impossible,’’ she said.

“Everyday I have leftovers, some of which my customers reject; some are already threatening to stop patronising me.’’

She pleaded with the government to extend the curfew to 10pm.

Mr Michael, the owner of Golden Garden Hotel said that he lacked words to express his resentment of the curfew.

“It is a good thought by the government to protect its citizens from COVID-19 but its negative impact is over bearing on my bussiness.

“My club is no longer functional. Those who come at night to relax are no more patronising me. Yet I have workers to pay at the end of every month; where will I get the money to settle them.’’

He urged Government to at least shift the curfew forward a bit, even if it means at weekends only. 

Source: Anambra State Government