Forest reserves : Climatologist calls for modern methods of baking

Dr. Piman Hoffman, a Climatologist and Assistant Director of African Climate Reporters, has urged local bakers to embrace modern methods of baking to preserved African forest reserves.

Hoffman made the appeal in a statement on Wednesday in Kaduna where he appealed to the AU and other stakeholders for a quick intervention on the continuous attack of forest reserves by firewood dealers.

According to him, traditional bakers still use the old methods for their activities which contribute to global warming, adding that a research conducted by a team of African Climate Reporters revealed that in every community/ghetto in cities of Africa, there are more than three local bakeries that use a truck load of firewood daily for their activities.

Hoffman stressed the need for bakery owners in Africa to embrace modern methods to carry out their activities like electricity or solar power for baking.

He said that would reduce dependence on firewood and other local methods for baking.

Hoffman said AU must be committed to the daily fight against climate change, and all issues related to environmental degradation to serve the entire region against disasters.

He said that trees occupy nearly every corner of the globe but the study shows coverage was far from even and factors like moisture and warmth played a role in how many trees exist in a given area.

He added that in a researched conducted by some international organization, people cut down around 15 billion trees each year.

While calling on state governments to support local bakeries to embrace modern methods of baking, the Climatologist appealed to the Ministries of Agriculture and Environment to be more committed in the fight against indiscriminate falling of forest trees.

Source: Voice of Nigeria